TAKUMA WHEELS warrants to the original owner that products manufactured and distributed by TAKUMA WHEELS are free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal and intended use, including CHROME plating, for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. Surface rust can be prevented by proper care and is not covered by this warranty. TAKUMA WHEELS agrees to repair or replace, at TAKUMA WHEELS sole discretion, without charge, any TAKUMA WHEELS product which is returned to the dealer from whom the wheel was originally purchased or at the original owner's expense to TAKUMA WHEELS (freight prepaid) and which can be organised by TAKUMA at a Charges agreed on. After examination by TAKUMA or manufacture, shows that said product have failed in normal use due to defects in material and/or workmanship. Such repair or replacement shall not include installation or freight charges to TAKUMA or manufacture of the goods for inspection. This express warranty is not applicable to TAKUMA WHEELS products, which have been subject to corrosion of the finish due to neglect, chemicals, and/or adverse weather conditions and impact damages on road use.
TAKUMA WHEELS hereby disclaims all other express warranties. TAKUMA WHEELS hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and use for a particular purpose to the extent the law of the state of sale and federal law allows.
Transfer of title of any TAKUMA WHEELS products by the original owner voids the warranty.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights under state laws. No warranty or representation by anyone other than TAKUMA WHEELS will be binding by the manufacturer.
WARNING: To avoid possible risk of injury or death, wheel and tire must meet or exceed proper vehicle load rating. Use of any adapter/spacer to install wheel is not recommended by TAKUMA WHEELS and will void the warranty.
TAKUMA WHEELS, wheels are not manufactured to be mounted with any hardware, adapters, etc., other than what is supplied by TAKUMA Wheels. Wheels, which are purchased by our dealers as seconds or blemishes, are not eligible for any warranty adjustment.
Allow 7 - 14 days for claims to be processed along with original Proof of purchase from Tyre Dealers.
That such warranties do not extend to any damaged caused -
1. To the clear coating on the wheel;
2. By accident, negligence or misuse occurring to the wheels whilst in transit;
3. The wheel is not the size specified or by improper tyre mounting;
4. By use of the wheel other than in accordance with normal road usage or damage or structural failure occurring as a result of racing applications;
5. By alteration or repair to the wheel's configuration from that of it's original specifications;
6. By partial or full disassembly and reassembly, any tampering of assembly nuts and bolts. Any interference to specifications;
7. There is corrosion to the wheels due to chemicals or climatic conditions;
8. Any Impact damages (including holes on the road )
That the section hereinafter provided for is completed and returned to the company within 14 days of the wheel being purchased by retail/customer for use.
A: The damage, defect or fault in the wheel, or the protective finish of the wheel, has been caused, or, in the opinion of TAKUMA Wheels, reasonably appears to have been caused, by the purposeful or inadvertent act of the customer or any third party, including, but not limited to, damage caused to the alloy wheel by collision with another vehicle, collision with roadside kerbs, collision with pot holes or by the wheel being struck or otherwise dealt with in an inappropriate manner.
B: It is determined that the alloy wheels have not been appropriately maintained by the customer such that any damage, defect or fault in the wheel is consequential upon that failure to maintain. An assessment as to whether or not the wheels have been appropriately maintained will be effected TAKUMA Wheels.
C: Any center caps, decals or false ornamental rivets or bolts which are missing from the alloy wheel in circumstances where those parts have been stolen or otherwise removed by the customer or a third party.
D: Damage to, or loss of center caps, decals, false ornamental rivets or bolts or other such accessories, which form part of the aesthetics of the alloy wheel, caused by the purposeful or inadvertent act of the customer or a third party. upon inspection, there is evidence of paint chipping around the center bore area or stud holes on the alloy wheel as this damage may have been incurred as a result of the actions of balancing machine equipment (bore area paint damage) or fitting braces/rattle guns (stud hold paint damage) during the course of the fitting process. Any claims where there is evidence of paint chipping around the center bore area or stud holes will be required to be directed to the Retailer outlet responsible for fitting the alloy wheels to the customer's vehicle.
E: The claim by the customer has been lodged subsequent to the lapse of the 12-month warranty period in relation to damage, defects or faults in the protective finish. Even if damage, faults or defects are discovered in the protective finish on the alloy wheels within the 12 month period subsequent to purchase, it is incumbent upon the customer to provide notice of that damage and the customer's reliance upon the terms and conditions of this warranty to place of purchase prior to the expiration of the relevant 12 month period. If the problem manifests itself on the last day before the expiration of the 12 month warranty period, the customer must contact place of purchase immediately to provide notice of the relevant defect or damage, otherwise the customer's entitlement to rely upon the terms and conditions of this warrant will be lost.
F: Where the relevant alloy wheels have been purchased TAKUMA Wheels in circumstances where they were heavily discounted or otherwise identified as being a "special" purchase. In this respect, sometimes wheels are sold at greatly reduced prices as they are obsolete or discontinued lines. These products will not be covered by the terms and conditions of this warranty. Quite often such clearance products are no longer available from suppliers or distributors. In such cases, a claim is unable to be made against TAKUMA Wheels due to the unavailability of replacement alloy wheels or the associated parts and accessories in the event that those wheels or parts and accessories are lost or damaged. In such cases, TAKUMA Wheels will, in an effort to maintain good customer relations, negotiate with the relevant customer to reduce the price of wheels and/or parts and accessories already provided or to provide the customer with special consideration with respect to future purchases.

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